Employment and Education Programs

Our employment programs offer skill development, training opportunities, and support with the goal of helping people achieve their career goals. We support individuals facing complex barriers secure and maintain meaningful employment.


Voyager Program is a free employment program that supports persons with self-identified disabilities who are experiencing barriers to employment.

BladeRunners Program

BladeRunners is an award winning free, employment readiness program, and  one of the most successful youth employment programs in BC. The program consists of two weeks in the classroom, followed by one week of assisted job search. Clients can choose from either construction or hospitality.

Wellness Employment Skills Training (WEST)

WEST is a  free, retail, hospitality and construction employment program.  Clients in the WEST program are given support and mentorship for sustainable, long-term employment.

Community Employment Services (CES)

CES program provides employment skills, training opportunities and a connection to employers for individuals tranistioning from Federal Correctional Institutions that are on day parole in the community. 

We assist individuals to use the skills that they have gained through the CORCAN program, and skills they had prior to incarceration, to secure and maintain long-term sustainable employment.

Impact Made in 2022


program participants completed their employment program

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