The History of John Howard

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Monthly News Letter

“Who Is John Howard?”

The John Howard Society is a non-profit social service in Victoria, BC. We have diverse programming that supports our community in the areas of corrections, employment, mentorship, and housing. We are a leader in advocacy through empowerment and community evolution.

The John Howard Society is comprised of a talented group of people who are experts in the matters of social service, employment, housing needs, policy, and criminal and restorative justice. We come from various backgrounds, personally and professionally, and share a common goal of wanting to make things better in our community, for our community. 

We recognize the need for support for those who face barriers and aim to restore dignity and self-worth to people who are working towards becoming their best selves.

Our staff includes:

  • Social workers
  • Job coaches
  • Residential counselors
  • Outreach workers
  • Prison services counselors
  • Volunteer coordinators
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